Clear the clutter -Part 2


Here’s the finished result of my hall project. (See the Before Pictures here)



The white String Plex Pocket shelf now contains our camera collection.



I now have a little prettier view from my work space. Those cameras make me happy!



I love you, moon



Old suitcases. Perfect storage for film rolls, negatives, photographs and photo albums.



I wonder how long it will take until this shelf is too small to hold all our cameras. A beautiful Canon AE-1 will soon join the collection…
(I don’t have a problem)
(I am not a hoarder)



A rug with different shades of grey.



Barbamama together with my very first camera (AGFAMATIC 108) that I got for christmas when I was about 7-8 years old, and a Kodak Instamatic 104.



Beautiful cameras need a beefy and reliable lifeguard…



I like the soft round shapes and the white matte finish of URBAN chair from IKEA.
It makes me think of whipped cream…



Gazing at the moon I start planning my next declutter project…



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