Yashica Lynx 1000 -My first film roll developed


Here’s my first try with the Yashica Lynx 1000. Since it’s a manual mode only camera and I don’t know much about aperture and shutter speed (and the light meter seems to be out of function),
I’m pretty happy with the outcome. At least I now know the camera is working! A separate light meter is on the the way somewere in the mail, by the way…
(The photos have not been edited, just downsized)















I think some focused materia is hiding in there somewhere…


…but here is a completely dizzy view!


This is my grandmother’s house. The first thing I do when I get there (besides from giving my grandmother a big hug) is take my shoes off and walk barefoot in the grass…



A secret window…


  1. Gunnar skriver:

    Anci! Grattis! Underbara bilder och ännu bättre med tanke på att du för första gången fotat manuellt – utan exponeringshjälp. Är full av beundran! Gillar särskilt trappen med slipstenen samt trädet utan skärpa.

  2. anci skriver:

    Tack! Kul att du gillar det suddiga trädet -Jag gillar det också! Ser ut som att man hamnat i ett parallellt universum eller så… :)


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